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Trainspotting (1996)Danny Boyle
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nothing will ruin your 20s more than thinking you should have your life together already. I need to write this on every wall of my room. (via thisyearsgirls)

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to the window
to the wall
to the trash where i belong

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for my entire life i wondered why a dragonfly has an ass thats like 8 times as long as their body and tonight i finally felt compelled to investigate and as it turns out dragonflies breath thru their ass and can shoot water out of their butt hole to make them fly faster…….so…… i really did not expect that to be the answer but there it is

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  • me: i don't even care. i'm not going to talk about this anymore.
  • ...
  • me: and you know what else? [2000 word rant]
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